Update 08/01/2018

Well, we decided to bring Ryan HOME! One of the perks of having a nurse as a Mom and a doctor as an Aunt. All 3 of us are the executive team according to Ryan. His comfort level has immeasurably increased. Pain and seizures are controlled, and that irritating catheter is gone. There is sunlight and rain and panoramic views and birds and deer and music and laughter. A huge garden tub to soak and relax. There are giggling Children running and playing. And dogs to provide soft snuggles and wet kisses. Home cooked meals with mouth watering smells. And family can now stay as long as they want, provide warm company and gentle care (not just for a short visit). We are settled in and ready for whatever life brings. Every moment is a miracle. It is So Good to be Home !

Visitors, cards and prayers are still welcome; depending on Ryan’s stamina.

Give me a call if you wish to visit 517-242-3434
Home is near 32 mile & Gratiot near Richmond
9615 Bartel Rd, Columbus MI 48063.

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