Treatment Tomorrow (Weds)

A very good and beautiful morning to all of you!! Thank you for all of the warm and heartfelt messages you always send but especially with my most recent update about gammaknife #5.

The last 24 hours have been chaotic and a whirlwind, and I had no part in causing it!

Yesterday morning, I had all travel and accommodations planned for gammaknife this Wednesday until the radiology team called to inform me that there was no availability this week. They weren’t sure why neurosurgery gave me the wrong date. They scheduled it for next Wednesday, May 11. I cancelled and rescheduled all of my plans for the following week.

Fast forward to 6pm yesterday, I get a phone call from radiology that there was a cancellation this Wednesday. They questioned if I could make it and get insurance approval. I have never backed down to a challenge, and this wasn’t going to be the first time. I had all the phone numbers needed (although at that time my insurance company was closed).

I had radiology email me the request for authorization forms, and I would call my insurance manager this morning first thing, fill her in, and email her the forms. I set an alarm so I wouldn’t forget!

As far as travel, thankfully flights are open since I fly standby. I rechecked myself into the same flight, and we didn’t lose our spots in the standby list, thanks be to God.

As far as hotel and car, that’s another issue entirely! Normally not an issue, but there is an oil and gas convention at the NRG stadium which is right next to MDA. Everything, and I mean everything, is booked up. No rental cars…no hotels… I ended up going through some third party website for hotels that said there was a hotel opening. Whether that’s true or not doesn’t matter now, I have a paid receipt with a confirmation number!

As for a car, we will take the shuttle to and from the airport.

It was a very long and exhausting day yesterday, to say the least. I had my mind, body and spirit all set for this Wednesday. Then they said it’s not available. I was able to catch my breath. Then they called and said there is an opening. I was now running around like a mad man now when just 8 hours prior everything was scheduled as far as travel and we were packed! Mind you we were out shopping and getting ready to eat dinner out when they called.

With all that said, we are at the airport in Detroit ready to fly to Houston via Dallas. Insurance has been called and approval is done. We have a room again for the next two nights. We have transportation again. Phew!!! Breathe, Ryan, breath….

I was talking to a neighbor yesterday about my circus of events. I joked about how I’ll beat this disease, no probelm. It’s the stress and anxiety that the behind the scenes people cause me that will do me in!! I really can understand and feel so very sad for the elderly and uninformed that have to do this crap. This is a lot of work for a patient to do. Sometimes I think they forget that I am the patient. I should remind them of the 5 brain surgeries (soon to be 6), 2 lung surgeries, and 71 rounds of chemo…..they probably wouldn’t care. I’m just a number to the support staff! Lol

Thanks be a God this all worked out. I’ve learned a lot in the past 7 years of fighting, and it really is amazing the things we can do in such short time.

One last Godsend, it is very foggy in Detroit right now. It is below landing minimums, but just within takeoff minimums. A 920am flight would normally be a turn flight rather than a kickoff flight. However, our flight is a kickoff flight meaning the plane is from the night before as well as the crew!! Let’s just say the passengers going to another destination most likely won’t be leaving soon since there airplane is currently in a holding pattern unable to land. However, we are currently boarded and ready to depart! smile emoticon

Phew! Ramble session is over for you all now. Have an amazing Tuesday!! We love you all, and thank you for all of your love and prayers. Houston, here we come!!

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3 Responses to Treatment Tomorrow (Weds)

  1. Tamar says:

    Praying for you!

  2. Let’s face it. When things which seem impossible to work out, it has to be a “God thing”…at least that is what I call it. I remain a person who is praying for you.

  3. Briones Fam says:

    Psalm 22:19 But you, LORD, do not be far from me. You are my strength; come quickly to help me.
    Praying for you dear Ryan and your family.

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