Surgery Complete

Good afternoon everyone! I was hoping to never be in the position of guest blogging again, but not quite 2 years later here we are. First, I want to thank everyone for all the emails, texts, and phone call and prayers for both Ryan and I. It has kept my mind occupied during the very long wait today. When he is able, Ryan will love reading all the emails and texts on his phone. All the support and prayers mean so much to us!

Today started off bright and early. We were out the door at 4:45am for the walk to the hospital with surgery check in at 5:15. It was a very long and tough walk for me thinking about all that Ryan has to endure today. On one hand I’m so thankful surgery is an option for him, but I also feel helpless he has to go through yet another major surgery. He checked in and was immediately sent to a pre-op room to fill out more paperwork, meet with OR nurses, and anesthesia. They checked all of his vitals and inserted an IV. I was very impressed with his blood pressure! If I was about to have surgery on my brain, my blood pressure would have been very high! Everything was finished up a little after 7:00am and they wheeled him out of the room and down to surgery.

At 10:00am we received the update that surgery began at 8:25am. They had just made the incision and were still entering the brain. No tumor excision had started yet, but Ryan’s vitals looked great! They figured the surgery would take 6.5 hours.

At 12:00pm we were told the tumor was out and they were working to close him up. His vitals still looked great and Dr. Lang would be up to speak with us in an hour or so.

A little after 2:00pm, Dr. Lang came up to update us on how the surgery went. He said it went as well as expected and he was very pleased. He was able to remove the tumor in one piece. Ryan was moved to the ICU and I was able to go in and see him! He was awake and able to talk. I can’t begin to say how relieved I am!!! Its been a very long day of waiting and it feels like 100 lbs has been lifted off my shoulders. I will update again today if anything significant happens. If not I plan to update once a day to let everyone know how his recovery is going.

Thank you again for all the messages, prayers, and support! We appreciate it more than you could ever know. 🙂

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25 Responses to Surgery Complete

  1. Cindi says:

    Oh crap, I’m in tears from the release of stress. What amazing, blessed news! Please give him my love! I’m going to update my Wall now as my friends were fervently praying for just THIS news! Andrea, Ryan, and boys, rest up and we love you!

  2. Carla Clark says:

    We serve an awesome God! So proud that the surgery went well! Continued prayers from Aspermont Texas!

  3. Nancy Klaus says:

    Oh Andrea, what a day you have had, but very wonderful news. The fact that they could removed it entirely in one section is very good news. Isn’t amazing that he could have this major brain surgery and then be awake when you saw him and responding. I am saying prayers of thanksgiving for the good surgery and prayers for a complete recovery. Good thoughts to everyone there and hugs for you all.

  4. kathy schlaud says:

    God Bless you Andrea 🙂

  5. Ann M. says:

    Such wonderful news!! Our prayers for all of you, and wishes for a speedy recovery are heading your way!

  6. Roberta Kranz says:

    Praise God! I will continue to pray and pray!

  7. Michelle Brady says:

    Very glad surgery went well! Praying for your entire family blessings to you and your family!

    P.s. glad you have Melissa as a best friend, she is an amazing woman with even more amazing faith!! =)

  8. Rachel Peters says:


  9. john, Barb and Foley says:

    OMG. .. All the support, prayers and very skilled
    surgeons and your determination made for a
    successful surgery…F.U.A.S.

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  11. Tim Goergen says:

    You are a freakin’ superstar, Ryan. Keep fighting man. You, your wife, your little guys and family deserve this outstanding news.

  12. Renee Levasseur says:

    Praise God!!! Ryan has gone through more than anyone in a lifetime should have to endure. God is truly staying with him every step of the way. God Bless Your Family

  13. Victoria says:

    Andrea, thank you so much for the update! SO grateful things went well!!!! Continue updating us whenever you have time, but don’t feel pressured.

    Sending you a big hug- and give one to Ryan for me, too. 🙂
    Love you both!

  14. jeri gerlach says:

    I knew you would come through this with flying colors Ryan!!!!

  15. Kristen says:

    Hi Ryan I’m so happy to hear the surgery went so well today.I’m thinking of you and your family.Praying for a speedy recovery for you.

  16. Theresa says:

    I just came across your story. It seems ryan and I have a lot of mutant friends. I just want you to know how far his story has reached and I have been praying for you guys all day. We will continue to pray for him! Glad to hear all went well!!

  17. Judy Mc/ says:

    What a relief. Praying for a speedy recovery and praying thank yous to God for the success of the surgery. Thank you for your thoughtfulness in keeping everyone updated during a very difficult time.

  18. Melissa Burkham says:

    May God continue to guide and direct all involved with Ryan’s care & treatment. Comfort, Peace & Understanding off what lies ahead… Prayers continue each day… Blessing, Melissa

  19. Judy Winter says:

    This is such great news Andrea! You and Ryan have been on my mind all day today! Prayers were certainly answered today! Hope he recuperates quickly! Continuing prayers!

  20. Brooke Henderson says:

    Best news ever. So happy to hear it was a successful surgery! Love y’all

  21. douglas j ball says:

    Andrea: thank you so very much for the update. Ryan is a champion and a very special Warrior!. I hope that you get a half decent sleep tonight, god bless you guys and please keep up dating!

  22. Cindy Rubach says:

    Many prayers for continuing great and blessed news. All we has is our Faith……cling tight and trust in the Lord. Look up and visualize the cross for which we have it all to be thankful for. Cindy

  23. Ed & Jan Davis says:

    Praise God for another miracle! We are so happy for you Ryan. We will continue to pray for your recovery!

  24. Sandy sipes says:

    Great news Andrea. Hugs all the way from POtterville to you. Will hope for steady improvement today.

  25. Jim & Marlene Frazer says:

    Ryan our prayers are with you and your family. God Bless

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