September 11, 2001 – We Will Never Forget

Good Evening everyone!  I pray today was a day of reflection and joy.  A day to thank God for your blessings and for each moment you still get to spend with the ones you love.  It is a day to remember the lives lost 11 years ago in one of America’s most horrific days in history.  I truly believe God’s hand was protecting many people below the buildings, but the loss of life is beyond devastating and unimaginable.  The stories told of best friends, expectant fathers/mothers, first responders, heros, and countless others lost that day.  It still hurts very deep inside to watch the stories and to listen to the songs that became from that day.

The day has a special place in my heart specifically because the airline industry is so deeply rooted in my blood.  It’s also a day that puts my own life in to perspective.

As I have said before, I do not consider my situation a tragedy.  Don’t get me wrong, cancer is horrific and can turn a life upside down.  However, I am healthy otherwise.  I did not pass without a moment’s notice.  Everyone started out September 11, 2001 as any other day.  It was a beautiful day turned evil.  People lost many loved ones without the chance to say goodbye.  Expectant fathers/mothers were lost without meeting one of life’s greatest miracles.  First responders risked and lost their lives saving others knowing full well they had families at home.  Those stories are tragedies and should be reminders to all of us of our many blessings we still get to witness on a daily basis.

I am fortunate, very blessed, and as happy as can be.  I witnessed both my son’s births.  I was able to see them, hold them, talk to them, and teach them.  I married the woman of my dreams, and we have a beautiful life together.  God has shown me the true meaning of life through this all, and I do not regret a thing.  I am fighting for my life, but I am also living my life!  Some days are hard.  Some are not.  Either way, I am alive.  The casualties of 9/11 are not, as well as everyone who has passed without saying goodbye; without the opportunity to tell those close how much they have meant and how much they are loved.  I have the opportunity, if this journey ends the way nobody wants it to, to fill my days with love, stories, joy, and the ability to share with everyone how very blessed they have made my life.  We all have that opportunity.  Please don’t waste another day delaying this truly remarkable blessing.

Life is short.  We all know that, and it happens so fast sometimes.  Take time to reflect.  Take time to breathe.  Take time to let those close to you know why they are close to you.  You have a wife/husband/girlfriend/boyfriend/etc. you chose to be with.  Do not let a day pass without them knowing why.  It doesn’t have to be lengthy.  A simple hug or long embrace speaks wonders.  We all know the feeling of being needed, cared for, and loved.  Share that feeling.  We are blessed each day we wake up and embrace the world.

Tragedy can strike any of us at anytime.  Tragedy can strike me.  Do not live in fear, but do not take it for granted.  We love and care for you all so much.  Take it from me that love and kindness is contagious, has healing powers, and is always needed.

Days like 9/11, Pearl Harbor, any war, or just everyday tragedies should be reminders to how fragile life really is.  Unfortunately, these days are needed to put life into perspective for us all, me included.  If anything, slow down once in awhile and enjoy what you have in front of you whether it is a loving companion, healthy children, or just the company of good friends.  I pray you will never need the support group that we have, but if you do, remember kindness is contagious.

Have a great evening everyone.  Thank you for loving our family so much.  Thank you for all of your prayers, support and generosity.  We have a very long, uphill battle, but God is on our side.  I know this because he brought all of you into my family.  Make it a great day tomorrow.  We love you all!

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  1. Renee Levasseur says:

    Your journals are an inspiration to all. I pray for you and your family every night. God is at your side daily. It shows!

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