Return to Houston

It’s that joyous time again to visit MD Anderson again.  Let’s hope and pray the edema inside my left brain has reduced.  

As a recap, the team and I ultimately decided, after many consults and point of views, that it would be in my best interest to do a short interval follow-up scan without taking any treatment medications as opposed to going on very low dose Avastin.  Since I am asymptomatic for the most part, we felt it would do more harm than good had I went with the Avastin to take care of the edema.

At the moment, I do not have an appointment with neurosurgery.  Both Dr. Lang and Cheryl are out of the office this entire week.  I’ve emailed them both as well as the department as well as trying to contact the scheduler through myMDAnderson to no avail.  I’ll keep trying only because that’s what I do!  🙂

Please pray for great results, NO new tumors (I have none that are active at the moment!), and the ability to control and manage the ongoing stress/anxiety.
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