PET Scan Results

Good afternoon everybody! I truly hope this message finds your lives full of laughter, joy and love no matter what life throws your way. It’s not always easy to laugh and smile, but it is always worth it.

Unfortunately, we did not get the slam dunk report we were hoping for. On the other hand, it wasn’t utterly devastating either. Don’t get me wrong, any report that doesn’t come back clear takes its toll on you. I have attached the report with this update.


There is a 15mm lesion remarked upon in my right and only lung (lower lobe) with an SUV of 2.8 (2.8 isn’t very high at all, but my disease has never been high on the SUV scale). If this turns out to be disease, it is small and can be dealt with. However, in the end if all minds believe it to be disease, I will be going back on systemic therapy as it would be a sign that it is most likely elsewhere in the body that we cannot see.

With that said, I don’t want to say I wish it were cut and dry. If it were, that would mean it is definitely positive for disease. We don’t want that. This is the very reason I greatly dislike PET scans, especially without contrast (we opted to forego CT with contrasts for now to give my damaged kidneys a much needed break). If you recall, my last PET scan had us chasing ghosts in my spinal canal and liver. Thankfully, both of those turned out to be nothing. It could very well be the case here. So here we are, again, chasing an anomaly.

Once I received the final report yesterday, I immediately mailed both the images and report to Dr. Ravi at MD Anderson. I also am going to bring my personal copy of the images with me next week just in case the mail doesn’t get there in time. MDA has a very inefficient method of getting mail to the correct locations and even more so to get outside scans read in a timely matter. For this reason, it is easier to bring my own copy so my doctors can upload and view them with us.

Personally, I am not convinced this is disease. This could possibly be because I don’t want to believe it, or I don’t think this disease would be dumb enough to take me on again systemically after I kicked it’s butt the first two times! Either way, and I am no radiologist, I could not find the lesion in question when I looked at the images. It is small and has a faint uptake value so the odds were pretty small that I would locate it, but I take that as a good sign since it doesn’t jump out at you like others have.

So, now what you may be asking? Honestly, we wait. We live. Once I let my amazing wife know the not so good news, I went back to my day. I played 2 riveting games of mouse trap followed by 1 exciting game of RangerLand, Jr. with Landon and Logan. This was followed by a wonderful evening with my beautiful wife. Life doesn’t stop nor should we. I’ll fight it no matter what it is. I’ll beat it like I’ve done many times in the past. Nothing changes.

Is this the very best way to start 2016? No, but it certainly isn’t the worst by a long shot. We just need a clear MRI next week to get back on track!

Please continue to pray for us. Please let this remarked upon lesion be nothing but another silly and pointless anomaly. Please pray next week’s MRI goes very smoothly!

We love you all very much. Thank you for taking care of us, always.

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