Little Side Note

Good evening and happy Tuesday everyone! It’s been an exhausting two days for us travelers, but we did it. We are currently in the air on our way home. I hope the beginning of this week has been kind to all of you. It is a pleasure and joy to follow most of you through social media. It’s wonderful to look at pictures, statuses about family and friends, and the overall joy you all are experiencing on a day to day basis. I promise my life is the same just with some twists, but who doesn’t have obstacles?

Yes, I have an aggressive cancer. It’s beyond rare, and the facts we learn about angiosarcoma through this journey are daunting and leave a lot to be questioned. However, these questions cannot be answered. Only God knows the answer. It is my/our job to make the best of the situation, and we are. I share my life. You share yours. Hopefully, we live each day to the fullest extent possible with exactly what we have been given: this day. Tomorrow may come and yesterday already happened. What else do we have to deal with but what’s in front of us?

It’s amazing the stories I get from everyone. The amount of letters, notes, messages, and texts are overwhelming. They are overwhelming because they make my heart fill with love and happiness. They all end in what an individual’s perspective on life is. I get to see through to the soul of a person, and experience how they feel about their life. I hear how happy you all are with your kids, friends, family, spouses, boyfriends/girlfriends, etc. regardless of the day you are having. You go on walks to enjoy the outdoors, take pictures, go to the beach, take vacations, read, learn, and share your happiness with whoever will listen. It’s what life is about. You feel compelled to share your lives with me, your triumphs, your obstacles, and your feelings. All of you should be very proud about the lives you are leading. You give this world hope. You give myself the ability to smile because no matter the outcome, my family will be taken care of. I have the most amazing extended family. We have the most amazing friends.

The further we go along, the more I realize what’s important and what doesn’t really matter. Honestly, it’s a blessing to have the insight. Granted, I would rather have been hit on the toe with a hammer, but I wasn’t given the option. My focus is my family, and it always has been. My life revolves around my wife and children. My inspiration comes from them. My strength comes from them. My job is to make sure they are happy. If I cannot be around for as long as I would like, I need to make sure they are well taken care of. And they will be. And you all are to thank for that. Remember, we all have something to live for, to fight for, and to carry us through. Never give up.

We are a strong family, but through you we garnish the courage, determination, and strength to push forward. When we are down, you pick us up. When we need help, so many people are there for us. Our network keeps spreading, and we have you to thank. 🙂 I apologize for this extra posting, but I wanted to get some emotions off my mind before I attempted to do a detailed writing of the events that transpired over the last two days. Life happens to us all, but I want to make sure everyone knows as scary as our situation is, we are happy. And I am glad to see so many smiles on all of you! Thank you for supporting us. Please continue to pray and spread the word as this journey is going to be long and difficult.

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2 Responses to Little Side Note

  1. becky says:

    Never apologize for your postings. They are very inspiring and help me, and I am sure others get through there daily lives! We could all learn a lot from you, Ryan.

  2. Patrice says:

    You are a very special person Ryan. Your post was more than touching…your heart, your soul, your passion for life…could move mountains!! You are an amazing human being and I know that your words have and will continue to affect MANY lives in this world… in the most positive way that even you yourself cannot possibly comprehend. Ryan, what you have shared with us is a true blessing… and a very special gift. I guarantee you have changed lives…you have made so many reevaluate what really IS important to them and what their life REALLY means to them. I want you to know deep in your heart that from you sharing what you’re living and dealing with so candidly….you have reached out and touched people around the world… i assure you it has traveled THAT far. I find myself speechless….and at a loss for words to describe further how much you have touched not only MY heart… but the hearts of so many people. You receive love from all over for a reason Ryan….and I believe it is because YOU share your love in the same capacity with all of us. You speak of how overwhelmed you become by all the outpouring of love and support…. well my dear Ryan… as much as that overwhelms you to receive that amount of love… you must know that it is all coming back to you because you have GIVEN that amount of love to other people. I can feel it in your words…. you are a very special person. Never give up and never… ever… apologize for sharing your posts/journey and love with us. As much as we all can help you with our love… you are giving it back tri-fold!!!! I send my love, support, thoughts and prayers to you and your family Ryan. You make me keep plugging away every single day with the obstacles I’ve been given and because of you… I realize that the life I have been given is all for a reason and there is nothing wrong with embracing your obstacles and plowing forward full speed ahead….and never give up.. for today is a blessing and tomorrow is a gift. My wish is for you to have an abundance of gifts!! God Bless you Ryan!! ((hug))

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