Kalamazoo Benefit Luncheon was Perfect!

We had an amazing time at the luncheon benefit! There are FAR too many people to thank. We had family members, high school friends, pilot friends, passengers, professors, coworkers, TSA employees and much more join us today. We have not laughed, joked, and smiled so much in a long time. Some shaved their heads for us yesterday. Some shaved their heads on the spot in the terminal with a crowd watching. It was awesome! 🙂

We needed this today. We wish it could be a Groundhog Day type of deal, but it helped get our minds off of tomorrow. Thank you to our extended family in West Michigan. We love you all, and can never repay you for the support, love and generosity you have always shown us, and today was no different.

Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers. We need them to get through my PET scan tomorrow and hopefully great results! Thank you again for putting the luncheon on for us. And thank you for your continued support to those that couldn’t make it. We cannot do this without any of you. Have a great evening everyone!

Pictures of the Event

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3 Responses to Kalamazoo Benefit Luncheon was Perfect!

  1. Katie W says:

    So glad it was a success – we wish we could have been there! And we are sending you all the positive thoughts and prayers in the world for Fantastic results tomorrow!! Keep thinking positive… happy answers are coming!

  2. Donna Holmes says:

    Ryan, keep your chin up tomorrow and think only positive thoughts. Praying for you and Andrea.

  3. james dean says:

    Ryan and Andrea, will be in thoughts and Prayers tomorrow for you all. Stay positive, as hard as it must be at times. Enjoyed today. 🙂

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