July 22, 2018

Update from Ryan’s Mom:

My Ryan has been a strong and stubborn boy his entire life. We are so much alike and often butted our heads together. Today, as a man, he is no different. Yesterday he moved over, patted the bed and invited mom to lay down with him for some hugs. This is so hard. But we are learning his non-verbal cues. 

Ryan’s body is so young and resilient, he continues to fight this disease with super human strength. He has his good days and bad days. He is aware less and less, and sleeps more and more. Loads of people have visited, reminiscing and laughing. But the overload of stimuli is very taxing and hard for Ryan to process. However, It’s the increased pain (which he even now denies) that causes his distress. For the most part, we are able to interpret the signs by his behavior and actions. His restlessness, his agitation, his frustration and the simple furrow on his brow. He had a really bad day Friday, repositioning himself constantly; up and down out of bed. Standing within my embrace because his legs are not cooperating with his brain. Sitting with the support of his sister. Laying down with the comfort of his fathers warm hand. Andrea and the boys are coping as best they can. The boys visit when they want, but they are frightened with Ryan’s unpredictable behavior. Andrea has an enormous weight and grief on her shoulders. Our family (which is very large) provide constant love and support to them both. Someone is with Ryan at all times, 24/7. Yesterday, we once again got his pain under control. And He is now in a well deserved and restful deep sleep.

It is so very hard to watch a once brilliant and tenacious mind not able to function in the quick witted, educated and humorous way as we knew him. He would have hated this. So really there is no change beyond keeping him comfortable and waiting for God to take him home. We will update when we can. Heartfelt gratitude for the outpouring of love, support and prayers.

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