Home Sweet Home

Good evening from Michigan! It’s our second full day home and it feels great. As much as I enjoyed the sunshine and nice weather and it’s always great to get away, that was not the best reason to take a vacation! It was hard being in a hotel room with two kids for over a week. We ate all meals in our room, since we had a fridge, but we always went to dinner somewhere. It gets old eating that kind of food for so long. I missed having a nice home cooked meal! I think Landon missed having his vegetables too because all he ate for dinner tonight was green peppers, tomatoes, and apple sauce.

On Monday I got to the hospital around 10:00 am. I wasn’t there long before Dr. Swisher (surgeon) came and told Ryan everything looked great and he was okay to go. If you’ve ever been in the hospital before you know it takes a very long time to get discharged. We packed everything in his hospital room, he took a shower, and we were discharged about 2:00 pm. Ryan was sore, but feeling pretty good and didn’t want to just sit in the hotel room on such a nice day. He wanted the boys to get out and have fun so we went to the Houston Zoo and then to the Rainforest Cafe. Landon had a blast! We got back pretty late and Ryan had a very rough night. He was in a lot of pain, but by the morning he felt better.

On Tuesday we left at 9:30 am for the airport. Our flights went well, although Logan wasn’t too thrilled about our Dallas to Detroit flight. He cried a lot of the time and nothing I could do made him happy. Finally about 10 minutes before we landed he fell asleep! We got home about 8:00 pm and I’ve never been so excited to see our house! When we drove in there were balloons on our mailbox and a sign on the door. It was from all our neighbors welcoming us home. It was so sweet and we are so lucky to have such amazing neighbors! I put the boys to bed and we were exhausted. Ryan was hurting a little and slept on the couch with a heating pad. I was up 3 times in the night with Logan so I was able to check on him, which made me feel better.

Today it was so nice to play with the boys and have so much space! I didn’t have to worry about getting ready and hurrying to the hospital. Ryan was right here with us! πŸ™‚ Ryan had a good day and wasn’t in too much pain. His incision looks really good and he still has that fluid bulge. We should be getting the pathology results sometime later this week. We hope and pray that it’s good news and we’ll be able to make a plan for the next step.

Thank you again for all the Birthday texts, emails, and phone calls. That was a very stressful day and it meant so much to me! Thank you so much for following our journey and putting up with me for the last couple weeks. πŸ™‚ I’ve really enjoyed keeping everyone updated. If anything significant happens I will write an update, but I don’t plan on that happening. Once Ryan gets all his pictures collected he will be back to blogging. πŸ™‚ Good night everyone!

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2 Responses to Home Sweet Home

  1. Grandma & Grandpa Davis says:

    Dear Ryan & Andrea,

    So glad you are home. As they say “There is no place like home!” We praise God for answering our prayers. We pray that you recover quickly Ryan! Enjoy your time together as you recover. Keeping all of you in our prayers each night.
    Sending our love to you.

  2. Renee Levasseur says:

    Well I see my Sister (Grandma Davis) beat me to a comment…lol. I am soooo happy for all of you. I don’t think things could have gone any better for Ryan. Praise God!! May you now enjoy your home and trying to get back into a routine. I pray Ryan will be pain free soon. God Bless All of You and will keep your family in my prayers always. Sounds like you have great neighbors and many many friends and family!!! God’s Blessings!!!!!

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