Continued Improvement. No Significant Activity.

july2A very good and beautiful morning to all of you! I hope you are enjoying your lives and mentally, it is everything you thought it would be at this point regardless of what has been thrown your way. For me, I am very blessed. I have a beautiful life and all cancer has done so far is to give me a platform and a testament to God’s mercy as well as the ability to push through no matter what with the backing of an amazing support group. The alternative is never an option, so what else is one suppose to do besides fight with all that they have? We love you all!

I am sincerely sorry about the delay in getting this message out. Truth be told, my local oncologist called me late in day on Thursday to give me the news. It was the news we had hoped and prayed for, but I wanted to have the physical report in front of me just to make sure. Past precedence has taught me to do this extra step. Fortunately, the report read even better. When the words and phrases include “continued improvement”, “barely discernible” (read barely visible/detectable), and “no significant activity” are used to describe 2 active angiosarcoma lung lesions, you know God is on your side against a deadly disease. We are beyond ecstatic about the double dose of great news between both the MRI and PET scan results. Next scans are at the end of summer so it’s about time we get to have an almost “normal” summer! It’s been awhile!

Fortunately, I felt great physically yesterday so I spent the entire day running around town and doing work outside around the house. It’s a rarity to feel that great, but I believe the culmination of it being my off week from chemo with great scan news allowed the stars to align for both a physical and mental recovery at the same time. Time got away from me while doing all of this yesterday which is why I am just getting this out now.

I am always very hesitant and nervous about having both of these scans within a week of each other. Since my first brain lesion, we have not had both scans come back clean on the same scan cycle. If one was clear, the other almost inevitably showed something. For once, we can celebrate with being in dismay at the same time. For once, we are ahead on all fronts. For once, we can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that our prayers are answered in the exact way we have been praying. Prayers are always answered, but they aren’t always answered on our time or in the exact way in which we prayed and what we prayed for.

I immediately got into looking forward mode and texted Dr. Ravi. He called, we shared a moment of congratulations for each other, and we discussed our plan going forward. As I mentioned before, we want to be more proactive than reactive especially now. With that said, we are setting into motion getting Keytruda (immunotherapy) paid for so I can start taking it. It most likely will take a few weeks so I will start round 74 on Monday and just finish out the round since they are 3 weeks long. Hopefully and God willing, I will be starting Keytruda as a standalone treatment following this round of chemo.

Thank you, everyone, for all of the prayers, messages, and love. We wouldn’t be here without you. As Dr. Ravi stated, a typical angiosarcoma brain metastasis patient is given 8-10 weeks. I won’t get in to how I feel about statistics, but let’s just say we have blown and continue to blow those statistics out of the water!! Thanks be to God, we are currently about 130 weeks and counting since my first brain lesion! It will be 7 years this August since my first symptom in all of this. We are blessed beyond comprehension!

Have an amazing and SAFE holiday weekend. We love you all!

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  1. The Theel Familoy says:

    We are celebrating with you, may God be glorified through ALL of this!!! Enjoy your summer with your beautiful family!!! Love and prayers, The Theel Family

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