Art For a Cure

Brooke B. Ogorek, a very good friend of Ryan’s, has put together an amazing art auction, of which ALL FUNDS RAISED will go directly to Ryan & Andrea.

The page with the artwork can be found at

The Bidding Process

  1. Click on photo of the piece that you would like to bid on. You will see a description of the item, as well as the opening bid amount and bid increment.
  2. Please COMMENT on the photo with the amount you would like to bid as well as your email address.
  3. The auction will end on Sunday, December 7th. At which time, the highest bid amount will be the winner.
  4. Send submit payment by clicking here. You can pay with Credit Card / PayPal or mail a check.  An email will be sent to each winning bidder at the end of the auction with final instructions.
  5. Once payment has been received and cleared, your item will be sent to the address you request. The cost of shipping & handling has been included in the bid amount.

This is a Facebook-only art auction. If you do not have a Facebook account, please contact Melissa Chinn (605) 310-7563 or email and she will help you with the bidding process.

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