A Birthday Wish to an Angel – I love you Andrea

Good morning and Happy Tuesday to all of you!  Today, with any day, we celebrate life.  We celebrate those things that truly make us happy, smile, and enjoy being alive.  We all have those things which make us feel this way; whether it is a new experience or grasping on to something that always makes you smile no matter the circumstances.  Life is too short not to enjoy it.  It is too fragile to hold on to all that is negative and depressing.  At times, you must dig deep with all that you are to truly and honestly enjoy your day, but it can happen if you allow it.  There are always things in your life to give you just enough hope and light to get you through it all.  God will always give you enough strength to get through the day because that is how we live….one day at a time.  Do not worry about the future which is out of your control, or the past which has already been experienced.  Live in the now, and celebrate all things good.

Today, we celebrate the single most important thing in my life.  She is the person who makes me who I am, and who is my heart and soul.  I love her to no end, and I will do anything and everything to protect her and to make her happy.  She is the epitome of caring, selflessness, and love.  She is my beautiful wife, the amazing mother of our beautiful sons, the wonderful daughter of her parents, and a loving friend to so very many.

These days, there are few things that make sense or that I know without a shadow of a doubt.  However, one thing I know with complete certainty is that I could not do this without her.  I would not be where I am today without her love, courage, strength, and care.  We all have people in our life that living without is just not an option, who light up your world when they walk in the room, and who can calm the most difficult storms.  Andrea is this person to me. She is my foundation, my anchor, my heart, and my cure.  She is everything I could have ever imagined in a wife, a partner, a best friend, and a mother.  I love her with everything I can do. 

On February 26, 1982, God brought forth an angel to live on Earth.  He blessed this sometimes cruel world with a thing of immense beauty and intelligence.  He most certainly knew I would be going through this journey, and He did not want me to be alone.  In fact, He went so far as to bring His most amazing creation, in my eyes, in to my life and to become my spouse.  He knew with her by my side that anything is possible.  The world is a much better place with Andrea in it.

We all know what this week means to all of us as far as my health and my life.  We all have questions and seek answers.  However, the course was set by God far before any of us were born.  We do not have a choice in what happens, how the pneumonectomy ultimately goes, or what the scans show.  It is God’s plan.  However, we do have a choice on how we live today with the decisions we make emotionally.  We can choose to focus on my plight of worry and stress, or we can celebrate with great joy the angel God brought forth on this day.  As the person who is going through this journey, we will focus on my wonderful and amazing Andrea.  We will forget about me, my stresses, your worries, and what may be.  What we do know is we can make this Andrea’s best birthday by showing her how much she is loved and making no mention of my journey.  Today, we have the choice to smile and celebrate what is Andrea; the most amazing woman I have ever met.  I will update you when new information comes available, I promise.  However, I want your energy, love, and prayers to go towards Andrea fully and wholeheartedly.  She is what makes me survive; she is my cure.

I encourage you, whether you know her personally or not, to send her a birthday message of any sorts.  It can be anonymous, or an attempt to get to know her better.  It can be an email, text message, phone call, or Facebook message.  Your messages to me mean the world to me.  I ask that you please extend your amazing support to my wife and my wife only today.  It would make her world, and mine.  Today is about her.  Today we celebrate life.  Let’s all live in the now, and smile because what else can we do? 

Her phone number to call/text is 517 242 8183.  Her email is andi.humphrey@gmail.com

Thank you for your love, affection, and care.  Thank you for extending your strength, dedication, and determination to my family and me.  Have a wonderful day everyone.  We honestly and truly love you all.

I love you sweetheart.  More than you will ever know.

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6 Responses to A Birthday Wish to an Angel – I love you Andrea

  1. Rachel Peters says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANDREA!!! XXXOOO I hope you have an awesome day with your beautiful boys and your wonderful husband… <3 You deserve it and so much more!

    Love Rachel
    (Lisa Humphrey's cousin)

  2. Joy Sullivan says:


  3. The Briones Family says:

    Happy Birthday Andrea! May God bless you and your lovely family.

  4. Kim Klein says:

    Although you do not know me – you are an inspiration. My husband played in a softball benefit in Westphalia last Fall. I was recently reminded of your family and decided to check out your family’s website again. Truly amazing. My prayers are for your best birthday ever and blessings for many more with your beautiful family.

  5. Leann says:

    I have known you since you were very little when I would see you in Springfield at
    your Grandma’s house. You were so cute. Your mom would usually send at least
    one picture of you each year. I would be delighted to see how cute you were and
    how much you had grown! You were just perfect! Nothing has changed about
    that! Your mom is still sending pictures of you and your family. What a blessing
    you have been! We were in Springfield just a few weeks ago…and who did I see at
    the restaurant? Your cousin! Who did we talk about? You and Ryan! Small world!
    I will continue to pray for you and Ryan. May God bless you mightily.

  6. Marelguij Briones says:

    Happy birthday, Andrea!

    I hope it is one of the best. You truly are an angel 🙂 Our prayers are with you on this special day.

    Your neighbor,


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