1523076_10202428365103107_1725117780_oAll done! The procedure itself is complete. It only took 17 minutes, and of course, I listened to Jim Brickman while getting the procedure – put me to sleep.

More good news, the lesion did not grow in size AND there were no other remarkable findings. Thank you to God! I am so happy about that news. Now we play the waiting game to see if it worked. We also have our repeat PET scan in two weeks. What a stressful month!! If January was bad, February is awful with anxiety. Please continue to pray.

Since we were rained out yesterday, we will be going to the zoo today. Hopefully, it doesn’t tire me out too bad.

Thank you for all of your prayers and love. You are all amazing in this fight, and you make this all worth it. I love you all.

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