Team Humphrey Wearables

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Support Ryan Humphrey with TEAM HUMPHREY wearables!

100{ec519a0df6417729df970e7b84d7a7b1d09a0a8ff22ac9fe2ab4e008289bfc23} of profits (after production) go to  Ryan & his family.

T-Shirts, Sweat Shirts, PJs, Baby Items, Dog  Tags, Doggie T-Shirts, Mugs and more…

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2 Responses to Team Humphrey Wearables

  1. Ron Roth says:

    RE: Ryan Humphrey……..The logo “Team Humphrey” will have no meaning to people who do not know Ryan. For all anyone who sees it is concerned, Team Humphrey is a Ball team or similar. It is my opinion that this logo won’t raise awareness for Ryan and his cause. Might I suggest the following……

    “Friends don’t let friends fight Cancer alone” on front. Then My friend
    Ryan Humphrey
    on back
    or something similar, or even “Team Ryan Humphrey” on the back. Or even the web address on the back.
    Just my opinion. Thanks for listening and for helping my friend Ryan

  2. Lisa Goich-Andreadis says:

    I thank you for your comments, Ron. My intention when creating these shirts for Ryan wasn’t to make strangers aware of Ryan’s condition or to raise awareness for cancer. There are plenty of organizations out there who do that very well. My number one intention was to create a vehicle for Ryan’s family and friends that would show Ryan that he has a TEAM of loved ones who are on his side. Which is what he needs more than anything at this time. My second intention was to create a fundraising tool so that I could somehow give back to Ryan and his family with the skills I have available to me. I don’t know Ryan personally. I did this as a stranger myself, to help a family in need. And so far, its working. And that’s all that is important to me. I’m sorry it falls short of your expectations.

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