Results Update

Good evening! We are on the airplane and heading home shortly from Houston to Detroit then to drive from Detroit to Grand Ledge! With all said and done, I should be making it home driving around 2am! Home sweet home!

It’s a little too wordy to explain everything to you right now. Mostly, this is because Spirit doesn’t have Internet on their airplanes or else I would do it on the flight home!

It’s not legion/live cancer severity as there are currently no active lesions using our best observance from everybody. My body and brain all seem to be clear of active legions.

However, I do have a serious and somewhat dangerous issue that needs to be addressed and taken action now. I have a large edema within my left temporal region located above, below and beside the old and known lesion. This is the already treated area very close to the upper left ventricle area. With the blocking of this ventricle, the area grows because the liquid has nowhere to go since it can’t pass from lateral ventricle to the third ventricle.

This is a very bad and scary situation. I am going to take steroids to help the edema shrink as this is actually causing a midline shift currently which is effecting the speech center causing a random and frustrating situation where I cannot remember certain words. I can remember definitions and explanations, but I can not for the life of me remember certain words nowhere and randomly.

Overall, it was a very long 3 days with many, many discussions with a lot of educational and bold doctors and nurses. We have plans to do the steroids while still taking keytruda for now as it seems to be working very well. We will keep a very close eye on all treatment and any symptoms getting better or worse especially in the brain.

Please pray the Kensington continues to work AND the steroids will cause things to calm down so ventricle liquid can move freely.

Our airplane is taking off soon! Sorry I cannot go into depth right now, post medical images or medical reports, but I promise to do so in a day or two when I am able to find time.

Please continue to keep us in your prayers. We love you all so very much, and thank you for helping me love my life, my family and my friends.

Have an amazing evening.

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