October 14 Update

Good evening! I know quite a few of you are worried about us, but please don’t be. I am extremely sorry about the delay, but trust me when I say, I am exhausted. I was up for 22 hours straight yesterday starting with my MRI in the morning and finally getting home at 215am only to wake up at 615am to start the day with our boys today. I still haven’t caught up on sleep, but I must get this out to all who care and love us so much! This is the first chance I have had to sit down and write to you all. I’ve spent a lot of the day trying to get more tests ordered and trying to figure out who want’s what and where.
As with the norm, there is no cut and dry scenario especially when I am having 2 different scans. Something will almost always be remarked upon. We’ve known this, and we’ve been through this many, many times. With that said, I have attached both radiology reports (MRI of the brain and PET/CT of the body) with this message.

12109306_10206857959480198_8105810652015327358_nThe MRI of the brain was great. There are no new visible lesions, and all other treated lesions are stable or decreasing in size. This is amazing news, and one I that always has me up at nights thinking about. My brain, as of this scan, is clear of visibly active disease. Thanks be to God! And thank you, so much, for all of your continued prayers and words of hope and love. They can get us through anything and everything!

12096046_10206857960000211_8482937192464164641_nAs for the PET scan, there were 2 things remarked upon. First, there is abnormal uptake within the spinal canal at T11/T12 (last 2 thoracic vertebrae). As you can read in the impression of the PET scan, a spinal MRI of this exact area is warranted. A few notes about this finding before we go on. It would be very rare (I’ll never say impossible) for this disease to be in this location within the spinal canal. All doctors agreed upon this, and Dr. Ravi has never seen a case with angiosarcoma. Also, some may remember I had a spinal MRI just a month ago. With our physician’s eyes on it, we compared the PET findings with the spine MRI from a month ago as well as the CT portion of the current PET/CT. We could not find anything suspicious or of any concern to coincide with the abnormal uptake.

The spinal canal is small, and in order for something to light up on a PET scan, it would have to be of a certain size. There was nothing to be seen. However, any and everything is speculation from all parties right now so there is no use going into all that it can and cannot be. The list is plenty long. An MRI of this specific region (T6-L4) will hopefully be ordered soon, and this will put the issue at rest most likely. I’m hoping my local oncologist’s office can get it in the works tomorrow.

As for the second item on the PET scan, there was abnormal uptake within the right lobe of my liver. Dr. Ravi was able to view what the radiologist was referring to, but it is hard to say exactly what it is at this point, IF anything. As he stated, all PET scans are good for, currently, are to indicate areas of possible need for further investigation with more detailed imaging. This is one such case. As with the spine, an MRI of the liver with and without contrast is warranted as well. We hope this will put this at bay once and for all so we can move on to living cancer free!

If you are lost at the above, long story short: it was a great trip with good news. We have just a few hiccups to take care of with further specific imaging. For the time being, I do not have any confirmed, active cancer. We are pending NED status. The list of what this could be instead of cancer is long up to and including a fluke or misread from the PET scan itself. I am not going to lose sleep over it (I don’t think I can afford to lose any more sleep) nor should you.

The facts are this: brain MRI is clear of active cancer – amazing news! PET/CT is clear of active cancer pending an MRI of my liver and my inferior thoracic spine. The increased uptake anomalies mean nothing until confirmed or cleared by a high resolution scan with/without contrast.

It was a great trip! And I am so happy to be home with my amazing and beautiful wife, and our very active and healthy two boys. We love you all! I will most definitely keep you updated on when the scans will take place and what the results are.

Please enjoy every second of your lives, and tell those who care so much about you how much you appreciate them in your life. We can never do this alone. We shouldn’t have to do anything in life alone. We love you all, and please say a prayer to God of thanks for us. Have an amazing evening!

My Spine MRI is this Thursday at 715pm. My Liver MRI is this Friday at 815pm. We most likely won’t get a result phone call until Monday. Since I can’t wait that long, I will go in Saturday morning to see they have been read.

Please continue to keep us in your prayers. Very stressful days lately!

We love you all so very much.

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