Nicole (sister)

How can I, concisely, describe the complexity of my brother, and convey to those wandering cyberspace the depth of Ryan? For days I thought and considered what I love about my brother and only one word remained: passion.

My earliest memories of my brother include catching frogs, four wheeling, and other adventures, all done with gusto, a desire to enjoy life to its fullest. Yet, nothing was enacted with aimless enthusiasm as I always had a sense that there was a purpose when enjoying escapades alongside him. There was an end, a goal, and a method to get there. He knew what he wanted to catch when we went out for frogs and what limits could be pushed when pulling sleds on a four wheeler. Transitioning from simple childish exploits, he aimed to become a pilot from the days of his youth and did not stray in his passionate pursuit until the day it was ripped from his grips so short a time ago. Even when his efforts were derailed quitting was never an option – only a question of what new goal to set upon.

Those whom he loves are also encompassed by this zeal. His protective nature with family and friends, his desire for peace between those he loved, and his vicious insurance that no one attacked from outside saturates my memories. When cancer reared its head again and disrupted newborn goals without consideration, Passion rises again as he pursues to fight it at all costs, in all pain, and drawing from the welled depths of fervor that has served him thus far, to fight the biggest battle of his life.

Describing a loved one in a concise manner is difficult, especially with my brother who is such a beautiful tapestry of complexity. “Passion” is a chunk and yet it is still a piece. I could just as easily use Remarkable, Intelligent, Sensitive, Considerate, Peacemaker, or Witty to name a few along with memories or examples to fill pages of explanation. This is merely a taste. I am blessed, honored, and privileged to be called his sister. I hope you are also touched glimpsing into his thoughts as he catalogues this intense battle for life itself.

Please join us in our prayers for my brother.

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