For once, I will keep this short and oh so very sweet!

3 scans completed.

3 scans with no evidence of disease!

I don’t think this round of scans could have been any more fatiguing! Furthermore, not much else can get scanned unless we go organ by organ.

Thanks be to God, I am NED!!

Say it with me – N.E.D.!!!

His mercy is with us, and I do not know why. We are forever grateful. It’s an amazing day. Please join my family and me in saying a great big prayer of thanks. Thanks for His continued humbling lessons. Thanks for His healing touch. And thanks for his mercy and promise of never leaving our side.

Along with this note, I have attached the 3 radiology reports (T-Spine, L-Spine, and Abdomen). I also attached messages from members of my amazing medical team (Dr. Ravi and Dr. Lang’s team). They are truly a gift from God.

We love you all!1970597_10206905308343890_55712003771229172_n 11990544_10206905306463843_773231824110258064_n 12038249_10206905307863878_2801298576858209809_n 12047080_10206905305823827_7762379234582772430_n

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