Mom Humphrey

When I think of Ryan, I think of the wonderful, caring, thoughtful husband and father that he is. I don’t know of anyone else who thinks up and orchestrates such surprises and displays of his love as he does! When you are with Ryan, you feel like you have always been best friends and always will be-no matter if you haven’t seen or talked to him in months, you pick up right where you left off. I also see him as a peace-maker as he often tries to orchestrate people getting together despite their differences.

Ryan is far less impulsive and much more serious than a lot of the Humphreys. He seems very meticulous; the kind of person to research things carefully before making a decision. He is very academic and seems to me to be a perfectionist-I can totally relate to him! Of all of our children, I actually see the most similarities between Ryan and Kyle although they have spent relatively little time together. Ryan is also a very driven individual who knows what he wants and does all he can to make it happen. I know if anyone has the determination and fortitude to beat this cancer, it is Ryan.

I love him so very much and I so appreciate his phone calls on Mothers day or my birthday and the beautiful, meaningful cards he picks out. He makes me feel like he truly values my opinion and enjoys hearing what I have to say. Although we weren’t very close as he was growing up, he has truly made me feel loved, appreciated, and included in his life as an adult. He has grown up a lot since the days of soccer tournaments, wave running at Grandpa Humphrey’s cottage, and weekends at our house. I am very proud of him on many levels and I love him more than he probably knows.

Mom Humphrey

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