Landon Donald

Andrea Pregnancy Time Lapse With Landon

Landon Donald Humphrey was born May 12, 2010.  Our lives were forever changed that morning, and it has been a blessing each and every day.  It is a very humbling experience to raise a child.  It is full of challenges, triumphs, and many, many long days.  We would not trade a single day for anything.  He is the most intelligent, funny, free-thinking, and loving child.  We could not have asked for a better first born son.

He is loved by so many.   It is very reassuring to know that no matter what happens to me, Landon will be taken care of.  His life is and will always be filled with love, kindness, and caring people.  I know he will do great things in his life.

I love his laugh, his little curly hair, and his zest for life.  It is amazing watching his mind work.  He gets smarter each and every day.

Teaching him baby sign language has done wonders for our communication with him.  It is an awesome experience having a conversation about anything and everything with our little man.  He comes up with the silliest and most creative discussions.

Our dearest Landon, your mother and I could not be any prouder than the person you are becoming.  Your respect, love, and passion for life and everything in it are amazing.  We have no doubt you will experience life to its fullest extent and accomplish amazing things.  We love you with everything we are!  Thank you for bringing such joy to our lives.

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