July 12, 2018

A post from Ryan’s mother:

Ryan has inspirationally battled and waged against Angiosarcoma for a near decade, overcoming again and again as Angiosarcoma pushed back. The most recent scans showed the recent mass was aggressively growing and a new lesion found deeper. He has also experienced seizures the past three days that do not have a clear cause besides a body battle worn and weary.

One of the things not often discussed is the daily battle of pain caused by fighting cancer so hard. Odd things. Unexpected things. Ryan’s daily struggle was his back, and has been for almost two years. His spine has been scanned and checked but the origin never figured out. It recently increased to becoming intense, and something he just wrestled with silently. The pain is now severe enough to restrict movement, sleep and possibly be a contributing cause of the seizures.

A Craniotomy would not fix this pain, reach the deeper lesion and would not change the relentless aggression of the most recent masses. The gift of hospice, however, gives the comfort and relief he needs, and deserves, after such a long journey. At this time he is in and out of awareness yet when he is aware he brings a chuckle to those sitting near him with jokes and continued reassurance of love – because that’s who Ryan is. We are grateful for the gift of so many extra years with him, and so thankful we can surround him with love in return.

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