Grandma Holden

“Highlights of life with Ryan as remembered by his Grandma Holden;

I remember when Ryan graduated from high school; Ryan and I had a 4-hour dinner at Mr. Paul’s. We talked of our many memories and situations from the past 18 years- some deep and some not so deep. We had fun!

It has always been easy to be with Ryan! I remember one ‘very fun’ time with Ryan (and brother Jason) at the Yates Cider Mill. They were not yet 10. The donuts and cider-the waterfall with sticks- the teenagers shouting to Ryan and Jason to “go back to your ‘mom’!” (they were ‘frisbeeing’ into their ball-playing area). I remember Ryan (and Jason) and me at the Wave Pool. I was on top of the tube and the boys,(not yet 10), were one on each side of me. I saw ‘their eyes working together’-suddenly I was ‘very quickly’ dumped over! That led to the ditzey hair-do and high slides. Another- not a dull moment day. I remember during a very traumatic time in Ryan’s life and mine- hugging each other at length, in tears. One of my favorite pictures is of Ryan and Jason with me sitting on their hands held together as a bridge. (No! They did not ‘flip me over’! Whew!) Laughing!

I remember being with Ryan at the Mayo Clinic in MN when Ryan’s first tumor was removed. (I was grateful to his mom for inviting me to go with them). In spite of the depth of the situation, it was a fun 5 days with Ryan, Andrea,etc.! (It included Ryan entertaining us as he tried on ‘crazy hats’ at the store.)

I remember Ryan, Jason, Kelly and Danielle (under 10) running through the sprinkler on a hot day and then 20 years later Ryan running through the same sprinkler with Jason’s oldest kids. Grandpa Holden and I remember Ryan’s High School soccer skills! He is an athlete!!

Now we have all come to another ‘unknown’ in our lives! When Ryan’s Grandpa Holden and I heard what was happening to Ryan and Andrea, we packed and left Florida early for this season, for an undetermined time, in a day and half. We see Ryan’s outlook, in these very prayerful days, as he encourages us to use today as the most special day we have ever been given! (does he know he is speaking God’s thoughts!?)

We pray God uses these days ‘to the Glory’ in Ryan and Andrea’s lives and to prepare them and all of us for what lies ahead! (not a new prayer!) We hope Ryan realizes how loved he really is by his ‘Redeemer God’ and by the endless people who love him: family, neighbors, old and new friends, and those who do not even know him and yet are praying for him, Andrea and the ‘the boys’!

We are happy Ryan, Andrea, Landon and Logan are a part of our lives and family!

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