Gamma Knife III

11095082_10205677858818419_493213107_nTime flies when you’re having fun! First and foremost, being off of chemo has been an absolute blessing! The energy rebound has been remarkable. We hoped and prayed for clear scans in order to stop chemo, but that will happen in time, again!

Traveling to MD Anderson today and staying until Friday. GammaKnife is scheduled for tomorrow morning. As has happened with all other GammaKnife procedures, there is a pre-procedure MRI to not only map out the exact, precise location of the lesion, but to determine the status of the disease. Please join us in praying for a miracle and no disease shows up! Please pray for stable disease if it is still present and equally as important, please pray for no NEW lesions showing up. Please pray for a very successful procedure, and for peace of mind.

We love you all so very much, and thank you for all of the messages as always. You are truly amazing!

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  1. Rachel P says:

    Prayers going up RIGHT NOW!! God Bless you and your family Ryan… I’ve read up on your type of cancer and all I can say is He must have a purpose for you because you are truly a walking miracle. You are so positive and inspirational, the world is a better place with you in it! Stay strong, you (and God) GOT THIS!! <3

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