Danielle (Cousin)

Growing up, I really only knew Ryan as apart of a duo.  It was always  him and his brother Jason.  It was like you couldn’t say one name  without the other.  Jason and Ryan.  Always together, always causing  trouble.  We were two of the four oldest cousins, and so much of our  time seeing each other growing up was at large family gatherings or out  on the water and beach up in Canada.  When I remember us as kids, Ryan  always had a smile on his face and he was laughing.  He was joking  around, messing around, pushing someone around or challenging someone to beat him at a game or on the jetski, or building a sand castle.  Ryan  doesn’t sit, he lives.  He lives fully and joyfully and playfully and lovingly.

There are many years that passed when I didn’t see Ryan well into  adulthood and even then and now, his love for life hasn’t changed.

His wisdom and strength and values make him wiser than his young age.  He  is a man of strength and courage, and intense dedication.  He is  dedicated to his family.  He is dedicated to loving all those around  him.  He is dedicated to giving his life to help others, and he is  dedicated to making the most of his life and not wasting it on anger,  loss, disappointment or injustice, which he received plenty of and yet  rose above.

Ryan loves life.  Ryan does life deeply, rooted in love and passion  and laughter.  Ryan loves to live.  Ryan loves to do life with others.   Ryan lives to love others.

As a kid, you couldn’t say Ryan without saying his brothers name Jason.  They were never separated.

Today as a man, you can’t say Ryan without saying love or life.  They are irrevocably connected.

Ryan is living life to the fullest.

Ryan is full of love.

My dear cuz, you are a testament and example to all those around you in  loving and giving and serving others.  To looking for the best life has  to offer and making the most of what you’ve been given.

I love you, even though every time I was with you and we were  anywhere near water, you would inevitably get me soaked, whenever I  think of you, I smile.

May you find God’s goodness, his persistence for your heart, and his love through this.

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