I am Ryan’s father and I have a dilemma. I was asked to put down my feelings about Ryan on a piece of paper and then it is going out into cyber space for the whole world to see … including Ryan’s brothers and sisters (my other children).

Hmmmm … how am I supposed to tell Ryan that he is the smartest kid I had without offending the other ones? (Brandon … you are a son-in-law and you don’t count. actually, your intelligence is a freak of nature – smile). So I am not going to put that down in writing.

I also wanted to write that he was the best athlete out of all my children, but then how would Jason feel (whom, if you know Jason, He thinks he is the best at everything, then there is Kyle E and Aaron who would be offended too). So obviously I cannot tell the world how good Ryan is in that field of life, either.

So you see the problem I have. I cannot put down in writing how everything he touches turns to gold, nor can I talk about his abilities and accomplishments either as this family is very competitive and it would turn very, very ugly.

So I am going to remain silent.

Oh, then there is little Landon whom Ryan has invested his life in … yeah, right … like I would touch that with a ten foot pole with 9 other grandchildren who would be offended (smile).

I guess the only thing I can put down on a piece of paper is that both Ryan and Jason have shaved their head and … “Ryan you have a perfect head … when Jason shaved his head, it was more pointy” … yeah … that’s it! Your head is even perfect!

Ryan, when you set your mind to things that YOU can control, you have been blessed. This cancer is one area, where the only one who can control it is our Creator and Sustainer of life. I pray, as He is calling you into service, that you give Him the same 110% you have given all other areas in your life and have succeeded. You have seen the change in my life as I have found Truth and now live it out … it cost me everything, and it will cost you, as well. Choose life (True life).

I love you son and you mean more than I can put down in words. As you know, I, like you, like to control my life … so I feel helpless at this time. I know that YHVH is calling you and the outcome now depends on you. We can pray all we want, but it is all about His will that counts and comes down to how much of your life are you going to dedicate to Him … part of it (like we have been taught) or all (like I found out and now live)?

Love Dad

Ryan, remember when we went on the soccer trip out of state and you didn’t play? I ended up throwing the chair at your coach … wow … my son didn’t play and I came all this way? That was a day, eh?

– How about those times where I coached you in soccer … I was sooooo proud of you (you were the humble kid)

– I loved helping you at your house and all that yard work and tree work (you keep up your house with honor and pride) … I am proud of you!

– I remember when Landon first came home from the hospital and how honored I was to pray over your first born son (Look it up in God’s word and see what that means … then you will see what I have been talking about – smile)

– Then, with this round of trials in your life, I was also honored and humbled to be able to anoint you (and your mother – who has been faithful to you and laying down her life for you) with oil.

Thank you Ryan. If anything, this trial has done wonders to the family … for that, we are all thankful.

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  1. Leann Kirkendall says:

    How special … you are blessed to have a praying father, one who has his
    priorities straight, it appears.
    We are praying, too.

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