Chemo Round 68

Good morning to all of you amazing people in our lives. We truly cannot thank you enough for sharing all of the roller-coaster of emotions with us through this journey. It’s been a very long one with so many experiences, both setbacks and triumphs. Today starts the next chapter in this fight. Today is chemo Monday! My blood counts are starting out strong, and let’s hope they stay this way!

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a post like this. In fact, it’s been 3.5 years since I’ve done a chemo post while I was on gem/tax. Today would mark chemo round 68 total. That is a lot of chemo, and it doesn’t even factor in the daily temodar for 3 months. We beat this before, and we will beat it again.

I’ve attached my blood work for this round as well as a picture of my old friend, Mr. I.V. Pole!

12717571_10207678516273605_7820208562672477481_n      12742116_10207678515633589_4540863247371223087_n

We love you all so very much. Always be thankful for the breath of life that is never guaranteed or promised by God. Know we are all blessed to share another day of life together, learning from each other, and always helping out a fellow person. Nobody should go through life without the support of another. It’s too exhausting. It’s too much for a single person to carry their struggles and weight of life upon just their shoulders. Even the strongest will buckle if not given the opportunity to share their fears and joys with another.

You’ve done so much for us. It’s not always going to be pleasant or happy or good news, but it will always be worth it. As long as I can personally give you all an update, whether it’s good news or bad news, it means I am still alive and winning this fight thanks be to God.

With that said, we thank you. Thank you for your continued prayers, funny stories, sharing your lives with me, and offering your wisdom gained from your own life experiences. Thank you for taking a lot of the burden from not only myself but from my amazing wife. We cannot and will not do this without you!

We love you, and have an amazing day.

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