Andrea, My Wife

Our Wedding Song

Phil Vassar – That’s When I Love You

Being married to my beautiful wife Andrea is the greatest joy I have ever had the privilege of experiencing.  She is the most sincere, loving, patient, caring and beautiful person I have ever met.  Without her, I could not do this.  She is my rock and inspiration.  She keeps me grounded and on the right path.  Her love for this world is something I always strive for but know I can never obtain.  Her love for life is so deeply rooted in her soul that it can only be described as a gift. Watching her go about her day, play with our sons, or just laugh are the very essence of my need to survive.

She has no enemies, and whoever has the benefit of meeting her, instantly falls in love with her.   She has a uniqueness about her that cannot be ignored.  Her persona is addicting, and her smile radiates through an entire room.

I never ask why I have been given this course in life in regards to my cancer, but I always ask why she has been given such stress and pain.  There is nobody less deserving then her.

I do not have to describe how strong, determined, and focused she is.  Look at what she has gone through.  She has already given birth to our two beautiful sons Landon and Logan.  During her pregnancy with both of them, she had to take care of me as I battled cancer.  She never missed a day of walking.  She never missed doing yoga.  She never ate unhealthy or missed a single opportunity to enjoy being pregnant, and she loves being pregnant despite everything.  If this wasn’t enough of a testament of her will, courage, and strength, life dealt her the same situation with her second pregnancy.  I am so proud of her.

Imagine being pregnant with your husband’s future uncertain.  Imagine knowing this and still being able to smile the most beautiful smile every day, to carry on a conversation with everyone you speak with as if your life was normal, and to take excellent care of your body and growing baby.  Imagine having to do this twice with the added stresses, emotions, and hormones of pregnancy.  She is nothing short of inspirational.  It is not an experience for the faint of heart.  She is an inspiration to all pregnant women for how she paid such delicate and intricate detail to every aspect of her pregnancies.  Furthermore, she is an inspiration and model example to all family members supporting cancer patients.  She truly is a extraordinary person.  The world could use a lot more of such an amazing woman.

To my wife, my rock, my soul mate and my loving partner.  You are everything to me.  Please know that no matter what happens, you have given me the life I have always dreamed about.  You have filled my life with such passion, love and kindness that I still cannot believe you allowed me to be called your husband.  You are beautiful, intelligent, funny, and angelic.  You are perfect to me.  I love you!

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